Class work, Low-fi prototypes, toast

Class Work #1

In the first week of IDM we were introduced to the basics of flow charting.

We were shown different flowcharts and learned how to piece them together. Each step is contained in a shape and they’re connected with flow lines showing the order of the steps.

The class then had to write step-by-step instructions on the creation of toast, making it as detailed with as many steps as possible. Which is actually harder than it seems at first glance… Following this there was a small class discussion on how many steps it should take, we settled with: (photo?)

  1. Check if toaster is plugged in
  2. Acquire bread slices
  3. Adjust toastiness dial to specifications
  4. Put bread in toaster & push the lever down
  5. Wait
  6. Extract when completed and serve

We then had to apply these instructions into making a flowchart about making toast. Lastly we were instructed to recreate the steps of starting a car & driving.

Flowcharts are tougher than they look and require a some forethought before attempting to make one. The use of flowcharts seems incredibly helpful for visualizing a complicated (or toasty) process!


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